What Vegans Eat Vlogs!


So it was OFFISH that time I needed to jump back on the vloggy vlogs to bring y’all into my big bad food world. I have to keep y’all updated on my fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living LIVE & DIRECT.

Be prepared for my random ramblings, foodie ventures and lots of bananas!! :)

So far I have three What Vegans Eat Vlogs up on my channel which you can find below.. LOTS more to come!

Check out my You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/stylisoulstar


Almond Milk & Cookies!!





With the dark night’s drawing in and the cravings for food of comfort, we want something delicious to sink our teeth into. How does milk and cookies sound? Not just any milk and cookies but Peanut butter & Chocolate chip cookies accompanied by vanilla almond milk. A double helping of deliciousness. Now I have made y’all dribble how about I tell you how to whip up these lovelies……
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Cakes & ish Taster Event 2015



I know I have been a little bit MIA but all for a good cause, as I was elbow deep in event preparations!!!!

It is finally OFFISH Cakes & ish (hey that rhymed hehe) had their first event on the Wed 23rd September 2015 which was held at the funky quirky Cherry Reds Cafe & bar in Birmingham city centre.

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Starting Your Mornings!!




So lately I have switched up how I have been starting my mornings, I am in my third year of healthy eating and 1 year 8 months into being vegan. So it is about that time to change things and introduce even more new ways to my lifestyle.

First of all I have been starting off first thing before I eat anything with 1 litre of warm water with fresh lemon and ginger. This helps to hydrate my body because after sleeping for 7 hours (which means your body is fasting) your body needs WATER, it also helps with digestion and to get everything working!!

I have been eating a lot more fruit and typically at the start of the day, fruit for breakfast is AMAZING. I have been doing what you call a MONO MEAL (this is when you eat one thing in mass) and it great because it is easy to digest. Eating fruit for breakfast gives you that energy you need to start your day, it also helps you to feel awake and alert. Most people rely on coffee to wake them up which is not good, because it is a stimulant and won’t give you that long lasting energy needed.

I highly recommend drinking water and eating fruit first thing, if you don’t want to take my word for it then why not try it!!

Go get fruity haha :) !!!


The Lazy Dinner!!




So y’all know I love to cook but sometimes I just want food in my belly NOW!!

My mind always tells me to cook up a storm because I do like nice food, but instead I am like nah lets have SWEET POTATO CHIPS….I do like simplicity especially if it tastes good!!!

If you ever want a quick tasty dinner grab yourself some Sweet potatoes, a baking tray and some grease proof paper!!

Here is how I whip up mine real quick lets GO!!

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Abs In The Kitchen!!




So this is my third year of my healthy lifestyle and I am always trying to get those ABS on point and smaller waist, but there are a few complications along the way. So I just wanted to address a little something when it comes to my body.

Lets talk about my waistline!!

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Pancake Simplicity!!



So y’all already know that I love pancakes, I have already shared my pancake recipe with you a few months ago, but I wanted to come back and simplify the recipe. I know a lot of y’all don’t always have ingredients like buckwheat flour and flax seed just chilling in the cupboard. So I have adjusted the recipe so that anyone could throw a batch together at any time.

With just four simple ingredients which take about 10 minutes to make, no oil, no eggs and no FUSS!!

They are the perfect breakfast meal topped with what ever fruit you desire and if you really wanted to have them everyday you actually could. :)

I usually have these for breakfast on a weekend because I like to get creative with them and I can sit down and enjoy.

All you need is a blender, non stick pan and spatula!!!

So lets get flipping!!

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